The heart of any successful organization is its people.

We can help engage the workforce.

Our focus and capability in organization development is the foundation for how we apply strategic human capital expertise to help federal agencies develop and retain personnel with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to achieve their goals.

Creating an enduring workforce requires coordinated, well-orchestrated efforts to achieve optimal future results. Our framework for strategic planning focuses short-term results around long-term objectives. We build a strategic partnership with our clients, ensuring our approach is cross-cutting and integrated with other strategic objectives.


Organizational Assessments

We provide strategic and operational support by assessing an organization’s structure, operations, and workforce to realign to meet priorities, enhance collaboration, leverage organization-wide resources, and streamline processes and eliminate redundancies.

Strategic Human Capital Planning

We have a proven track record of success developing and implementing strategic plans. By taking a holistic view of the organization, culture, people, strategies and goals, we work with clients to establish strategies that help organizations grow and better accomplish the mission.

Employee Satisfaction and Engagement

We work with federal agencies on Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) efforts, including analyzing results, conducting focus groups, and helping implement actions and change. We work beyond the FEVS to help organizations engage their employees and improve employee satisfaction and organizational success.

Capacity Building

Organizations must have the in-house skills required to meet compliance and regulatory requirements. We can provide services from the outside, but the skills must be developed internally. We help organizations identify critical needs and existing gaps, provide on-the-job training and resource guides, and provide individual coaching to develop capacity.

Team Building

We facilitate virtual and in-person retreats to help offices, divisions, and branches build teams. Our process builds on self-awareness to develop an understanding of the team and set a pathway for the team’s success.