Program Management Services

Government programs are typically complex, require integration with other programs and agency systems and must constantly be evolving to meet agency and end user needs and expectations.

Solutions provides the gamut of program management services to support agencies’ programmatic goals.

Support ranges from the strategic to the tactical, including:

Strategy Development

Solutions works with agency and program leadership to develop strategic plans and innovative approaches for solving problems and managing programs. Solutions helps the program team establish its vision, goals and objectives to focus on measurable outcomes and results.


Using its organizational and process expertise, Solutions helps agencies establish effective and efficient governance that ensures program direction is achieved without overcomplicating processes or delaying day-to-day activities.


Solutions provides communications experts who help agencies understand stakeholder communication needs, develop communication plans to meet those needs, and develop messaging and branding that clearly conveys accurate information to programmatic stakeholders.


To assist agencies in successfully executing against the program strategy, Solutions provides onsite or offsite assistance to support program executives. We become part of the program team to ensure seamless support and dedicated resources to drive progress and results. This includes communication and correspondence management, requirements development, performance monitoring, budgeting and financial tracking, and administrative support.